Jet Set Automobiles creates the ultimate luxury, bespoke, high-performance restomods for our clients. Our restomods seamlessly combine classic design and modern engineering to create the hand-crafted, custom car of your dreams. Each car is built to order by our skilled craftsmen using the finest materials and components to create truly one-of-a-kind vehicles. Whether you are looking for a truly unique and luxurious driving experience or a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your car collection, Jet Set Automobiles will design and create it for you. Check out our recent restomods, street rods, muscle cars, and Stinger Corvettes, or contact us now to reserve your spot on our client waitlist.

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Hot Rods

Combining the esthetics of traditional hot rods with the power of modern engines and luxurious custom amenities. Hod rod modification shops have been around since the 1950s with luxury options becoming popular in the 1960s. Jet Set Automobiles pays homage to these hot rod shops by taking the luxury and performance power to new standards as we customize each automobile to our customer’s exact specifications ensuring each hot rod car is truly unique.

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Muscle Cars

Muscle cars have always been the epitome of performance and power for American cars. At Jet Set we combine the classic style of a muscle car with luxury and performance beyond the standard. These bespoke luxury muscle cars are sure to outperform the competitors and look good doing it. Contact us today to be added to our client waitlist.

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Stinger Corvettes

The Stinger Corvettes customized by Jet Set Automobiles are the high-end Corvettes that never were. Our hand built Stinger Corvette is designed to compete against the Aston Martin DB5s, Lamborghini Muiras, or Ferrari 275GTBs of the time. With gauges created by an American-made watch company and high-end wood, leather, and metal finishes to fit your custom vision, our Stinger Corvettes are the ones to beat.

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Our custom restoration work uses high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to guarantee a truly unique and valuable vehicle for your collection. Every project is custom designed and built to the customer’s specifications resulting in a luxury automobile that is better than the original. Our restoration services can return your car to its original condition or improve it with customized upgrades under the hood, the exterior, and the interior. Contact us for more information on our restorations.

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Jet Set Automobiles assembles and installs engines in a myriad of classic domestic applications. Choosing an engine for a restomod is done based on your individual power, cost, and fitment needs while taking into account the reliability and availability of possible engines for your project. Contact us now for an engine consultation and installation or to be added to our client waitlist.

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Paint Shop

Jet Set Automobiles’ Classic car paint shop is known for high-quality paint jobs in a wide selection of colors and applications. Our paint shop can help you put the finishing touch on your custom classic car build with a beautiful and unique paint job.

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Body Work

Our custom Classic car body work modifies your car’s bodywork to create a unique and personalized look. Customize your project with body kits or panels created by us.

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Our custom-built car chassis are perfect for high-performance vehicles and restomod classic cars. Jet Set Automobiles overs a wide variety of chassis options because we are dealers for most custom chassis shops.

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Jet Set body fabrication can help create a car from scratch or modify an existing car to meet your specific needs. From design to construction, we work with our customers to make sure your custom fabrication provides the unique style, performance requirements, comfort, and luxury you desire.

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